Unlike other multi-stage races (set in remote locations), tent accommodation is not a feasible or realistic option in Hong Kong. However, for most runners, this should come as good news. After all, who really wants to sleep on the hard ground after running 50-60kms?  

Participants therefore have three options to choose from:


  2. HOLIDAY VILLAGE (dorm-style)



  • For the duration of the event, runners will stay in their own home (or at a friend’s place).

  • At the end of each stage/day, runners will return home on their own accord. The following morning, they will make their way to the start line. The finish line each day is also the start line for the next day (same location).

  • For local residents, this can be a convenient option since most places in HK (including all the start/finish lines) can be reached within one hour.

  • Race Entry Fee (no accommodation provided) = HKD$7,200     



  • For the duration of the event (6 nights), runners will stay in a dorm (6-10 people per room, mixed gender) with basic amenities. 

  • Days 1-4 (10-13th April) will be at Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp (Kowloon side).

  • Days 5-6 (14-15th April) will be at Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge (Lantau Island).

  • Transportation will be provided each morning to the start line.

  • At the end of each day, runners will need to make their own way back to the village/lodge. This can be easily arranged with other runners (taxi or public transit).

  • Please note, runners are responsible for their own accommodation the night before the event (9th April); and on the last day (16th April).

  • To avoid confusion, accommodation will be provided 10-15th April inclusive.

  • Limited space for this option; first come first serve.

  • Accommodation location & venue may change, depending on availability.

  • Dorm rooms have basic amenities (including: showers, bedding, hot water kettle, fridge), however there is no kitchen for cooking. Runners will need to plan their meals accordingly.  

  • Due to group booking, this option is available to 360km runners only.

  • Race Entry Fee (including 6 nights’ accommodation) = HKD$9,100      


  • Runners book their own accommodation for the duration of the event (recommendations below)  

  • Days 1-4 (10-13 April) – we recommend staying on the Kowloon side

  • Days 5-6 (14-15 April) – we recommend staying on Lantau Island

  • Day 7 – runners can take the early morning ferry from Lantau Island to Central (start line). Further details will be provided in the Runner’s Handbook. 

  • See Google map with hotels & hostels listed below, and their locations. 

  • Race Entry Fee (hotel/hostel not included) = HKD$7,200     


Kowloon Accommodation

YHA Mei Ho House Youth Hostel


Regal Riverside Hotel (4-star) - use link below to save 8% on standard room


AirBnB – multiple options


Lantau Island Accommodation

The Cove Hostel  

No website, rooms can be booked through any online site (;,, etc)


Silvermine Beach Resort (3-star) 


Seaview Holiday Resort (3-star)


Silverview Resort (1-star)


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