HK360 truly is like no other event in the world. 

It may not be the longest ultra, there are a few that surpass 360km (notably Cape Wrath and UltraGobi) however it is the ONLY ultra that completely encircles a world class city. 

That means "HK360" has a double meaning - 360 kilometers, 360 degrees

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Along the route, runners will experience many of Hong Kong's most scenic trails and coastlines, while taking in the rich diversity that makes this place so magical. Each day is totally unique with a wide range of terrains and fabulous sites to see (... and of course, a never-ending supply of eye-popping IG snaps).  

One minute you'll be running along a mountain ridge; ten minutes later you might be traversing a secluded beach; then meandering through a fishing village; blasting down a vertical set of stone stairs; running on a sideroad next to a freeway; cruising through a mini bamboo forest; hopping over a stream as you pass a waterfall; grinding your way up a rocky trail; taking in the views of Victoria Harbour ... and that's just day one!


Each day you will be running 40-61km, depending on the stage. The daily distance will typically be broken into two runs - a morning run and an afternoon run - with a lunch break and rest in between (optional, of course). Truth is, when you break the event into 'bite size' runs (22-30km) the overall distance becomes less daunting. One run at a time, one stage at a time. And before you know it you've run 360km around Hong Kong!

The other unique aspect of HK360 is the luxury of sleeping in a bed (versus a tent). At the end of each day, runners have three options: return home for a good night's rest; stay in a Holiday Village; or feel free to book a room on your own. For complete details, visit our accommodation page. 

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