Friday 10th April - Thursday 16th April (2020)

Total 7 days

TOTAL DISTANCE: 360km (or 180km)  


START: Tin Hau Temple (Clearwater Bay)

FINISH: Shek O Beach (HK Island)  


Maximum 100 runners (360km)

Maximum 30 runners (180km)

(25 on the waitlist)


There are no “qualifying standards” for this event, however all runners should be aware this is NOT a beginner’s event. All participants are expected to make their own informed decision as to whether or not they are up for the challenge - based on previous experience, running knowledge, mindset and preparation. Minimum age for participation is 18 (on race day).   


Runners will need to be semi self-sufficient, capable of running 10-18km between checkpoints (where water will be provided). Runners will need to carry their own gels/snacks/energy bars/etc; but will have access to a drop bag at CP2 ("halfway point" each day). This means you only need to carry enough fuel (gels, bars, etc) to run 25-30kms. At lunch, you can refuel and restock for the afternoon. We recommend runners prepare a lunchbox (and any other provisions) for CP2 each day. Food & drinks will be available at the finish line each day. For further info, see our FAQs section.   


The course will be marked, mainly at junctions or through unclear sections, however unlike shorter races runners should not expect to see a marker/ribbon every 100m. With this in mind, runners are required to download the GPX files (or carry a map). 


Due to its unique location (in and around the city of Hong Kong), unlike other multi-stage races, tent accommodation is not a realistic option. Instead, we offer participants three alternatives - dorm accommodation; hotel or hostel; or stay at home. For full details, visit our accommodation section.  


Registration opens Saturday 2nd November (10am).  

Registration closes when the event reaches 100 runners (30 for 180km).

To register, click here.



$7,200 (HKD) - 360km (no accommodation)

$9,100 (HKD) - 360km (+ 6 nights' accommodation)

$3,600 (HKD) - 180km 


* participation in one of the longest, most unique footraces on earth  

* professional race organization and continuous support for 7 days  

* being a "giver" and changing the lives of 3 people (helping to restore their

   eyesight through The Fred Hollows Foundation)

* limited edition, long-sleeve, merino wool t-shirt (breathable, odor-resistant,        comfortable & eco-friendly = only the best) 

* GPS tracker for every runner; non-stop live tracking for 7 days, with real-time      results  

* printed race certificate  

* special finisher's award (... sorry, keeping it a secret for now)  

* one pair of infamous T8 Commandos underwear  

* detailed Runner's Handbook, with key information and tips for each stage

  of the race

* daily support from enthusiastic volunteers and race marshals      

* checkpoints (2-4 per day, depending on distance) with water

* good selection of food, snacks and drinks at the finish line each day 

* first aid/medical support throughout the race

* FREE photos (taken by a semi-professional photographer)

* daily transportation of drop bags (to CP2 and finish line)

* GPX files for the entire course (360km); and Google MyMaps

* inclusion in private FB group (build a bond with other runners before the

   event begins; share stories, tips, training advice, nutrition, talk gear, etc)        

* 6 nights' accommodation (additional fee) 

* and of course... the experience and memory of a lifetime  


The cut-off times each day are quite relaxed (10-12 hours). Our aim is to support you 100% in completing this magnificent event.    


All participants are required to complete two hours of "trail care" prior to the event. No fixed rules for this, except each runner should spend a minimum of two hours cleaning up a trail, park, beach or coastal area - either in HK or your home country. You will NOT be asked to provide proof; this will be done on the honour system.                

For full event details, please see our Runner's Handbook.


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