Hong Kong's newest and longest race. 

Something different for 2020...

A personal invitation... 

we believe in you.

Possibly more than you believe in yourself.  

If for some reason you're unable to finish the event (highly unlikely), you have free entry next year. 

Special offer to 2020 runners only. 

360 kM,  360 degrees

7 days

What Makes HK360 Truly Unique? 

(unlike any other race on the planet)

First off, you’re running a whopping 360km. Almost unheard of. If that doesn’t get your heart thumping and make you dizzy with adrenaline, probably nothing will.

But don't let "360" scare you. In fact if you've run 50Ks in the past,  chances are you're ready for this! The unique course format (7 stages over  7 days) was designed specifically for those who have run 40, 50, 70, 100Ks and now ready for a new challenge. By breaking the run into 7 stages, your body has plenty of time to recover. Just take it slow and you'll be amazed. Still not sure? Read this.  Or this.

Besides the amazing personal achievement, you’ll be running for a cause greater than yourself – giving the “gift of sight” to several blind people.  We figure, if you’re going to thrash your body and push it to the limit, why not do it for a good cause? It’s a total “win-win.”

To learn more, click Fred Hollows Foundation.


Reasonable entry fee. One that might surprise you! To see how HK360 compares to other multi-stage races around the world, click here


The course itself is breathtaking and mind-blowing at the same time (and the ONLY RACE IN THE WORLD to fully encircle a world class city). You are literally running around ALL of Hong Kong – the entire territory – 360 degrees! See course map and course description.  

This is the inaugural event! That means, this is your one & only chance to be part of the first group to run around Hong Kong. Be a true trail blazer. History in the making. Step up and be first!

To make this inaugural event a success in every way possible, we are restricting the number of participants to 100 (+30 for the half, 180km). With only 100 runners, our aim is to make the event more personalized, more intimate and full of surprises.    


Unlike other multi-day races, you will NOT be sleeping in a tent on the hard ground. Instead you’ll be sleeping in a comfy bed. When it comes to accommodation, runners have three options: stay in a Holiday Village (dorm-style); sleep at home; or book a hotel/hostel. 

Full details, click here.       

By completing a 360km run, you will join an extremely niche group of “world class” ultra-runners. That’s no BS. Very few people in the history of humanity have ever run 360km in 7 days! It truly is a monumental achievement that will stay with you forever. Who knows? It might even be a turning point in your life…   


We want you to finish and feel the victory of success! Therefore, the course is NOT designed to crush and defeat you with ridiculous altitude gains, challenging mountain passes, or running on sand. We figure the distance (360km) is enough of a challenge. Overall, the course is quite flat and follows a lot of the coastal trails and paths. Very beautiful, in fact.    


GPS trackers provided to all participants. A rarity! Not only are GPS trackers a great safety feature, but they allow family & friends to follow along in real-time (... all 7 days).   

Run solo or run with a little support, your choice. Again, we’re not here to remove every element of fun by forcing people to be totally “self-sufficient” and prove they did it 100% solo. On the contrary, we want people to enjoy the journey and to remember it for the rest of their lives. If that means a family member or friend is there to support you, wonderful. (having said that, like every race, we do have some basic rules related to support)      


Cool swag and prizes - including limited edition, long-sleeve Merino wool t-shirt; a special finisher's award; T8 chafe-free underwear; and more

Make 2020 a year to remember! Embrace your own brilliance by doing something extraordinary at Easter...



2020 Event Dates:

Friday 10th April – Thursday 16th April

(4-day weekend)

Early  Bird Entry - Save 10%!
(only till 15th December)   
Not quite ready for 360km?
We have a limited number of spaces for the "HALF HK" (180km). 
What a way to spend Easter weekend! 
Only 30 spots available.  

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